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How to Hit Your Irons Longer with the Same Easy Swing!


Okay, nice solid shot. So let’s take a look at the Trackman numbers. Okay. We’re going to look at this number, dynamic loft way down here, over here on the, on while your right. My left and we had an attack angle hitting down five point five degrees. I hit it pretty solidly, but I hit it to the left. Probably missed the green, little bit, carried it 154 total. 161. Now
I have a golf club of 38 degrees in loft on it. Yet my dynamic loft was 25 degrees. You know this particular shot missing left, not the best example because you can have a low dynamic loft simply by shutting the face, but the key is to have a low dynamic loft without the face being closed. So let’s talk about how we’re going to do that. How to have a shallow angle of attack. Basically hitting down five degrees or six degrees or four degrees, but not too excessive. Certainly not eight, nine, 10, 11 degrees. Just a sliver of down. But you then have a bunch of forward shaft lean . So we’re going to take a quick look at the rear view and I’ll explain why the rear view is really, really important. You know, you don’t often, teachers don’t usually take a look at this perspective, but I think it’s really a pretty important view to look at. So I’m going to hit a shot and we’re going to take a look at what my body does from behind.

Now what you see there, you know I’m going to put that in slow mo and we can look at that. You’re going to see how my hips on my backswing. My center stayed pretty darn still. Okay. I turned about a pretty stable center, a little bit of head motions. Fine. But my preference is a pretty stable center. Now on the downswing, you saw some action where my hips went toward the targets. Really, really important because think about it. Do we really want our hips to turn abruptly to the left? We can’t. If we do that, our path is going to go abruptly to the left and we’re going to hit down on the golf ball and take really, really steep divots. But maybe we don’t do that. Maybe we hit down on the golf ball and teach ourselves how to have a chicken wing to reduce some of that downward strike.

So let’s take a look for on the face on view. You know, a couple of weeks ago I showed you guys at revolution, golf and Gals, how we use our left leg to help us come out of the ground, how something working down the club head from our hands. Here’s a downward motion. Doesn’t stick in the ground because we help shallow it with our left shoulder working upward and our left leg working upward. Now this is very much like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. It’s not easy, but we can’t push on the ground unless our weight into our left side. So typically most golfers are going to start off with their weight. Fifty slash 50, perhaps they have a little bias in their left foot. That’s my preference. And in order to really have a condition where you can have forward shaft lean, a strong dynamic loft, basically reducing the loft with the irons to strengthen the strike.

We have to have the ability to get her weight on for foot so that we can push off so we can launch yourself a little bit. Some folks launch themselves so much like Bubba Watson and tiger woods. They physically come off the ground. Some of you out there and launch yourself too early to make room for something that’s going to crash into the ground. There is a sequence here. Okay, so that sequence of how to have this board shaft lean. This is my. This is my static loft, 38 degrees. Now I start with maybe my handle a hint forward leaning, but at impact, and I’ll slow this down for you.

That’s a pretty strong strike right there. That shaft, that dynamic loft up there is 25 degrees. I’ve reduced the loft on this golf club significantly by getting my weight on my left foot and getting my hips to the left. Everybody says, well Martin, don’t you don’t want to do this and slide people. I’m not sliding. The slicers out there are doing this kind of motion. They’re taken up their hips and their drastically turning them to the left. The drawers out there, the people hitting it to the right and hitting a pretty draw, their hips aren’t turning rapidly until post impact. You know, if I hit a shot right at the camera, you’d see a minimal amount of hip turn just a little bit at impact and then the hips would blaze through. The thing is that we see fast hips from professional golfers now those fast hips aren’t from here, and then ripping this way, that’s not professional.

Golfers do professional golfers and great strikers. Strikers have a sequence of getting their arms back in front of them so that when they strike it, they have a path going a little right of where the faces aiming. Then the next piece is that explosion to the finish, so that’s how you have that strong dynamic loft with shallow strikes. Use the towel. Remember, in order to have a good strike, our weight has to be on our forward foot. This is Martin Chunk from Tour Striker, the Raven Golf Club, Phoenix. Post your questions and comments down below. I’ll get to as many as I can. Thanks for watching.