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Improve Your Lag for Better Ball Striking

Lag is an often misunderstood concept in golf, often played up to be a mythical magic sauce for great ball striking. Lag in the swing delivers a stronger clubface to the ball. However, lag is simply the result of your body and the clubhead changing direction at different speeds. Lag is what happens when the clubhead is trying to catch up.

The secret is that most tour level players have a lot of strength in their lead arm. Most amateur players do not.

This drill with the Tour Striker Pitching Wedge is designed to help you develop control and strength in your lead arm.

30 x Lead Arm Only with the Tour Striker Pitching Wedge.

Feel the weight of the club and just hit small shots, being mindful of using your pivot and rotation to move the club, not muscling it with your arms. You’re going to hit some, you’re going to miss some. That’s okay.

Continue working this drill every day until you feel a better sense of control with just your lead arm.

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