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Key Positions and Common Mistakes

The Tour Striker PlaneMate, created by PGA Coach Martin Chuck and David Woods, is an incredible tool for creating structure, getting feedback, and developing the feel of a tour level golf swing.

Like all Tour Striker training aids, the PlaneMate came out of the need to help students of the Golf School make a change and improve their swing motion. From a simple idea to unparalleled results, the PlaneMate has taken the golf community by storm. (Find us in Golf Magazine this month!) More than just a training aid, the PlaneMate comes with a 7-Day Protocol to have you on your way to a tour level swing.

Watch as Martin uses the PlaneMate to help imprint new feels with a student at the Golf School. This is essentially the first protocol of the 7-Day Protocols. Take note of the key positions and common mistakes as you get started with your PlaneMate.

If you’re looking to all around improve your game, there is no higher recommended product than the Tour Striker PlaneMate. From complete beginner to tour pro, the PlaneMate has earned high praise. We’re currently sold out, but if you want to guarantee you’re part of the next wave, get your pre-order in now.

If you’re thinking about lessons with a coach, there’s no better way to improve than to immerse yourself in a 3-Day Golf School with Martin and the Tour Striker Golf Academy coaches.

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Come to a Golf School. You’re gonna love it! Call Martin for details: 541-948-2480 (If he doesn’t answer because he’s coaching, leave a message and he’ll get back to you.