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“Manzella Style” Driver Release Drill


Harpoon, if you will. That’s the sensation, right? Okay. I’m having some patience sticking out in the ground. Now with the driver. It’s going to be a lot different. Where’d that Harpoon go? I missed you went way back there. Okay. There’s a different feeling when we hit the driver. This is your driver. Ping driver. Very nice. You know we’re going to wind it up and then your situation, you get the little cross the line. You’re harpoon goes a little bit behind us into the right. I’m trying to get you to feel like you can throw that Harpoon behind us and one to the left because you get that a little bit too much underneath here. What do I do that right? So we’re trying to get your path a little more consistency. Final right behind you is to feel like you could throw it a little bit out to where you’re sitting right now and that that’s going to help you feel and change your path.
Land a little bit more was pretty acceptable. A teeny bit left, but I’m certainly not trying to store store, store, store, store. Like I do the short irons, all right, and again, this, this isn’t like a had paid 40 scientists to guarantee this, but with the driver, we’re not trying to take little scrubs turf over here. In fact the things on a tee and it behooves us to hit up on it. Just a teeny weeny pit. So let’s do a face on it. This and I’m in my position and I were talking about my personal feelings and preferences and what, what, uh, what’s helped students on hitting iron shots for transporting this angle. We’re taking that spear, Bam into the ground, transporting that. Now the driver feels different, feels as though we’re throwing that spear like somebody chase this from behind. We’re going to get them and go that way.

in Dan’s case, since he’s so underneath and he’s got a lot of access tilt. We’re trying to motivate him. It felt like he throws that spirit a little bit behind him, but to his left, to the left. So it looks a little different. And for all of those out there that are curious about, you know, my, my hands going to beat the ball, they are, but it’s not as though you’re going to just correct them like you would hit the spinny little pit shot. It’s the net result of a good release that’s motivated by body pivot. So I’m going to get rid of this spear. I’ll watch it in slow motion and you’ll see the result of my hands getting ahead, but it certainly feels as though I’m getting rid of it on my backswing. So Dan will get you in here. All I’m trying to do with your particular swing gets. You’re getting less inside out just a little bit. That’s what I want you to feeling this way. Lead to a hoop that goes ahead of you. Kill it, kill it, kill that baby.