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New Advanced Protocols for the PlaneMate

If you have already pre-ordered a PlaneMate, we are on schedule and expect to start shipping orders in early January. BUT… We are nearly sold out of this next wave, so if you want to get a PlaneMate in January, you only have a few days to make sure you’re a part of this wave!

AND Just in time for winter break, a little Christmas present for all those who own or have pre-ordered a PlaneMate – we’re giving away additional protocols for the PlaneMate free when you register your PlaneMate.

The PlaneMate now comes with 3 Unique Protocols from Martin Chuck and David Woods to help you truly improve your swing and your game.

  • 7-Day PlaneMate Protocol – To help you feel the key positions of the swing and get you well on your way to a tour level swing. (Available to everyone)
  • Advanced PlaneMate Protocol – A deep dive into the key positions and how each position is vital to achieving a highly repeatable tour level swing for consistent contact and easy power. (Available only with the purchase of a PlaneMate. Register your PlaneMate to get access.)
  • PlaneMate Protocol Series – How to use your PlaneMate to improve your entire game, from green side bunkers to warming up at the range. (Available only with the purchase of a PlaneMate. Register your PlaneMate to get access.)

These additional PlaneMate protocols are so valuable, we’re not sure how long they will be included free with a PlaneMate purchase. So, if you’re truly interested in improving your game and ready to put in the work, following along with the protocols, there’s no better deal this Christmas season.

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