Tour Striker Pitching Wedge 5-Day Protocol

The Tour Striker Pitching Wedge is designed to help you practice harder than you play. Hit beautiful pitch shots. Hit your pitches with pin seeking accuracy and plenty of spin to get your ball to checkup and stop right next to the hole. You'll learn to deliver the "sweet spot" of the club to the golf ball by impacting with a descending motion and forward shaft lean that all great ball strikers possess.

Video Information
Tour Striker
Intro: Pitching Wedge
Martin introduces the pin seeking spinning strikes that we're working towards with the Tour Striker Pitching Wedge.

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Tour StrikerIntro: Pitching Wedge
Tour StrikerDay 1: Pelvis Movement
Tour StrikerDay 2: Arms and Hips Movement
Tour StrikerDay 3: Focus on Finish
Tour StrikerDay 4: Shoulder Movements
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