Tour Striker Plane Station 7-Day Protocol

If you have to practice on a mat, the Tour Striker Plane Station allows you to still use aim sticks at various angles to improve your swing. The solid wood base has pre-drilled holes from 40° to 65° in 5° increments along with a couple other key angles. The Plane Station comes with 6 alignment rods and the holes are designed to fit a standard aim stick (or driveway marker). In the 7-Day Protocol for the Tour Striker Plane Station, Martin focuses on using your Plane Station for the four P's – Posture, Plane, Position, and Perspective.

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Tour Striker
Intro: What's in the Box?
The Tour Striker Plane Station assists you on working on the four "P's:" Posture, Plane, Position and Perspective. Martin leads you through the contents of what's included with the Plane Station.

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Tour StrikerIntro: What's in the Box?
Tour StrikerDay 1: Position Ball Location
Tour StrikerDay 2: Position Head Position
Tour StrikerDay 3: Plane 60° Backswing
Tour StrikerDay 4: Plane 65° "Over the top"
Tour StrikerDay 5: Posture Booty Back
Tour StrikerDay 6: Posture Knee Position
Tour StrikerDay 7: Perspective
Tour StrikerBonus: Continue Development