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PlaneMate 7 Day Challenge

If you haven’t picked up a PlaneMate yet, there’s no better tool to work on your swing this winter. Whether you’re stuck inside at home, at the office or on the range, the Tour Striker PlaneMate is the best full swing training aid.

For anyone looking to make gains, we challenge you to the 7-Day PlaneMate Challenge.

The challenge is simple.  The gains are real.

The Challenge

  1. Hit 10 balls (the baseline) with your least favorite club (or the one you want to improve most.)
  2. Do the 7-Day PlaneMate Protocol with that same club. 
  3. Hit another 10 ball baseline with the same club.

The average golfer with a 16 handicap can expect to gain 20-30 yards in just 7 days.

Get a PlaneMate.  Take the challenge.  If you don’t gain at least 20 yards, return it for a full refund.

Seldom does a product come around that has this much impact on so many players, from rank beginners to seasoned Tour pros.

If you love golf, you owe it to yourself… and your swing.  Get a PlaneMate.  Take the challenge.  Show off your new gains.  Just don’t forget to tag @tourstrikergolf 💪

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