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PlaneMate Driver Protocol

We all love watching a beautiful swing, especially on Sunday in slow motion as the leader drives the green for a look at eagle on a par 4. Most people have never felt what a “Picture Perfect” swing looks and feels like. Especially as you get older, those key positions seem harder to get into.

There’s a reason most coaches teach these key positions. It’s far easier to be consistent, reliable, and develop speed while still being able to control the face of your club. That means drives that are 20, 30, even 50 yards longer and land in the fairway.

The Tour Striker PlaneMate is unique because the resistance bands work against you when trying to get to those key positions. The mild tension helps develop flexibility, strength, and muscle memory as you work against the band. Then, when you take the band off, because you had to work harder to achieve the key positions, it becomes easy to get there, giving you the width, elevation, and rotation you’ve been looking for.

Recreational players love it because you will finally be able to get into those picture perfect swing positions and know what those positions feel like. Tour players love it because it strengthens and reinforces the swing patterns they work so hard on. Older players love it because it helps them get back into positions they haven’t been in since college.

The PlaneMate is a revolution, not just in training aids, but in coaching as well. Whether you’re a coach or player, recreationally or profesionally, you’ve got to try the PlaneMate.

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