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PlaneMate Q&A

The Tour Striker team often gets questions from PlaneMate owners asking about faults and fixes and other exercises to do with the PlaneMate. 

In this video from the Protocol Series (included when you register your PlaneMate), Martin Chuck and David Woods share the answers to your most burning questions.

When I follow through, why is the band skipping underneath my grip?
A:  Take a look at the band and the shaft, then unwind and feel the vertical relationship of how you hinge the golf club up. You don’t have to take full swings for this. The band will work up your forearm.

Once you take a full swing and pause at the top, you’ll see the butt of the club is down, the head is up, and the band is folded over your forearm.

I’m having trouble keeping tension in the band on the backswing.
A: You’re likely getting the club head behind your handle very early in your back swing. 

Keep your hands and the band working together. Make sure your eyes rest on the golf ball, but your mind should have a sense of force on the band as you start to turn away.

The PlaneMate now comes with 3 Unique Protocols from Martin Chuck and David Woods to help you truly improve your swing and your game.

  • 7-Day PlaneMate Protocol – To help you feel the key positions of the swing and get you well on your way to a tour level swing. (Available to everyone)
  • Advanced PlaneMate Protocol – A deep dive into the key positions and how each position is vital to achieving a highly repeatable tour level swing for consistent contact and easy power. (Available only with the purchase of a PlaneMate. Register your PlaneMate to get access.)
  • PlaneMate Protocol Series – How to use your PlaneMate to improve your entire game, from green side bunkers to warming up at the range. (Available only with the purchase of a PlaneMate. Register your PlaneMate to get access.)

These additional PlaneMate protocols are so valuable, we’re not sure how long they will be included free with a PlaneMate purchase. So, if you’re truly interested in improving your game and ready to put in the work, following along with the protocols, there’s no better deal in golf.

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