BJM “Kotahi” Putter Grip


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*IMPORTANT* – Please choose your grip size correctly.  Full specs at bottom.

Large:  1.125″ wide      

Jumbo: 1.25″ wide

“Kotahi” – to be one or unite together

Palms Up  –  The revolutionary new putting system to help you make more putts.  

WHY? – By turning both palms up we reduce the mobility in the joints of the hands and arms thus resulting in:

  • Reduced involuntary, unwanted movement in the putter head
  • More consistent putter arc and stroke length
  • Reduced face rotation and variations between backstroke and impact
  • Increased sweet spot contact point
  • Help overcoming physiological glitches aka “The YIPS”

Watch this video as Martin discusses the benefits and how to use these grips.

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In this video Martin chats with Vaughn Mason, Founder of BJM Putter Grips.


More details…

THE BJM PUTTING SYSTEM – This system was the motivation behind the development of the putter grip design. It became very clear that there is no real reason behind the way we hold the putter the way we do.  If the original intention was to reduce the available mobility in the hands and arms to create consistency in the putter head movement, then we were holding it all wrong to begin with. I am not sure if it was the holding system that encouraged the early development of putter grips with the flat top for the thumbs or it was the putter grip that encouraged us to hold the club the way we do at present but turning both palms up to hold the putter would be way more effective for reducing the available mobility in the hands and arms. Once again this holding system can be used separately with any type of putter grip and again will still encourage the golfer to reaction in a positive way.

THE PSYCHOLOGY – We as golfers react to the result of the ball, there is not much else to go on. If the ball has an undesired result then we react, whether it is on a conscious or subconscious level. There are a number of entities that we need to consider but the one that gets the most attention is our movement/swing/stroke, but what we don’t realize is the way we HOLD the club, amongst many other factors, has an influence on how we move therefore how we react and in most cases the reaction is a negative one that has a perpetual detrimental affect on the golfer. The hold has a massive affect on the chain reaction of the body movement based on the specific task one has chosen to achieve. Undesired results play largely on our minds, but with the putting system and the new putter grip we believe the reaction to the outcome will be more positive increasing the golfers awareness of success therefore enhancing the overall putting experience.

KOTAHI  – If you choose to use the putting system and the putting grip together then you will achieve KOTAHI, the power of unity, of the bringing together of these 2 principles to create a very powerful entity and the peace and positive feeling it has on your psychology.

Refund / Return Information:  BJM Grips may only be returned for a refund if they have not been used.  Please read the installation recommendations below prior to installing your grip onto your putter.
Installation Recommendations:  We recommend having an experience clubmaker or repair person install your grip.  However should you decide to install on your own, please take note of the width of the bottom of the grip, the length of the grip and the width of your putter shaft where the bottom of the grip will be.  You most likely will have to add an extra lay of tape or several, to build up the area so that there will be solid contact between the double sided tape and the putter grip.  We are not responsible for improperly installed grips.
Grip Sizes & Specs
– length: 11″
– Wight: 65 grams
– Material: EVA core – Silicon/Chamois skin
– Dimensions: 1.50″ high – 1.125″ wide
– Core Hole: 14.20mm
– Length: 14″
– weight: 100 grams
– material: EVA core – PU skin
– Dimensions: 1.75″ high – 1.25″ wide
– Core Hole: 14.80mm

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 1 in

Red, Yellow, Pink

Grip Size

Large – 1.125" wide, Jumbo – 1.25" wide