BOMBS: Consistently Smash the Driver [Digital Streaming Series]




2021 Xtreme Long Drive Champion and Tour Striker Golf Academy Coach Jim Waldron shares his secrets to hitting BOMBS.

If you want to consistently smash your driver AND keep the ball in play, this series is for you.

From Set Up to Tee Height to Putting it All Together, Jim takes shares the keys to great ball striking with your driver.

You’ll be able to confidently let it rip from the tee box and find your ball 20, 30, even 50 yards past your friends.


When you purchase BOMBS: Consistently Smash the Driver with Jim Waldron, you’ll also get…

Jim’s Faults & Fixes – Everyone from the rank beginner to the seasoned Tour Pro suffers from at least one issue in their swing. These faults rob you of distance and prevent you from playing your best golf. Jim Waldron takes you through the most common faults, giving you the cause, and sharing the best drills to get these faults out of your game forever.

Jim’s Speed Drills with Martin Chuck – Swinging faster isn’t the same as swinging harder. Martin Chuck and Jim Waldron give you the drills you need to instantly increase your speed today.

Jim’s 400-Yard Drive Competition Warm-Up – High performance requires a great warmup. See the actual warmup Xtreme Long Drive Champion Jim Waldron does before a competition.

Jim’s 8-Week Speed Builder Program – The best way to build speed is by following a progressive overload program. Use this 8-week program, developed by Jim Waldron, to increase your speed to matter what level you’re starting out at. (This is the same program Jim used to prepare for the 2021 Xtreme Long Drive Competition where he took home the Championship belt.)

Jim’s 5-Minute Pre-Round Warm-Up – You don’t always have time to properly warm up before a round of golf. If you’re in a hurry… Do this 5-minute warm up before your next round of golf to make sure you get all the right parts warmed up and hit the ball further.