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Pure Golf Shots ..How to consistently strike golf balls!!


Morning everybody, I’m here with David Orange
You golf shots for us. Go ahead David. Okay, that’s one. How were those David? Okay. The first one was. Okay. The second one
I lost a little bit.

Oops. Oopsy and the fourth one. Alrighty David. Thank you very much. My friend David might turn. Okay.

Great job.

Alright folks, what you’re going to see there is quite a different pattern or where the golf club land between David shots and my shots. We’re going to show you a little drill and how to improve your golf club lands because . It’s very, very vital. Okay. How do we get the golf club to land level golf ball to take that debit that you see? Tour professionals a better ball striker saying, okay, I’m going to teach you a method. It’s a. It goes back to Homer Kelly’s The Golfing Machine book . A fantastic book. It’s really confusing. It takes long time to get through, but it’s probably a teaching pros Bible in most cases. Now the method they call it, they use, it’s called aiming point, and what that means simply is that we haven’t addressed hand location, our hands or mid body and everybody’s hands or maybe you know a couple inches here, a couple of inches there, but generally your hands are right in front of her body at address.
What we’re going to do, rather than try to return our hands to this address hand location, we’re going to learn how to return our hands to an impact hand location and run a line from my eyes through my hands. Now my hands are clearly from my visual perspective, well left of where my address hand location is, so it’s a spot over here. In fact, I’ll put a golf ball there so you know where I see my hands at impact. If I could stop and look, well, you stopped this video. You’ll see we’re from. If you a line from my eyes through my hands, you’ll see where I see my hands. I mean it’s very clear. They’re well left of where they are at. Address. So I am going to hit a golf shot here. Trying to get that nice forward landing club head.

Okay. it was a well struck shot. In order to do that, I didn’t try to return my hands to address I tried to. I tried to return my hands to this forward condition which gives you a forward leaning shaft in a downward striking the golf ball and you’ll notice I didn’t. You didn’t see me try to lift my head, did I? Well, I have no reason to try to lift my head. The only reason I would lift my head is if I let my angles expand way too early and I’m going to run into the ground. Now my body’s going to try to protect itself and lift up my head doesn’t lift up because it wants to. My head lifts up because my body lifts up. My Body lifts up because I’ve lost my angles because I don’t have the correct aiming point and I’m going to run the risk of driving into the go into the ground. It makes my body come up. So let’s go to the bunker and I’ll show you a great drill on how to get a super aiming point. Really have a fantastic dynamic impact condition that gives you a nice forward divot. Of the golf ball Let’s give it a try.
Nice and easy. Now. Still behind the ball. Behind the line, right? Right. Okay.
Now look at this line. Let’s aim clear to the left and see how we do.

Hey, so in your mind’s eye, where were you aiming for? Up Front, right? So I’m going to give you something. I want you, your club and land left to this. I want you to right here. How are you going to do it? Keep your feet. Don’t sneak your. Your feet too far to the left. So pack your feet. I’ll no cheating. There you go. Try to hit

Okay, so here we are in the bunker. What I’ve done here is I’ve drawn a line in the sand. Of course, I’ve got a little aim line. I’ve got this wooden dowel down here to help me with my direction and I’ve set this down here. It’s more for your visual reference. When you get in the bunk, you can just draw a nice little line to use it all as a ball location line, and then you can just draw these lines in sand with golf club. Now here’s the circle. Obviously Hoola hoop. What most people do is they try to take this golf club from this address, location and try to , return it turn it to this address location that results in landing behind the golf ball. It’s always some kind of scooping motion that really instills this lift up because you don’t want to hurt yourself by hitting the ground by unhinging incorrectly.

So what I want you to do is when you draw your line in the sand, you don’t have to hit these shots very hard. What’s important because like I talked a bit a moment ago of aiming point, where do I want my hands to go? If I take my hand somewhere, the club head, now I don’t want to over accelerate the club head and I’m afraid that’s what most of you do, so I want you to come in here and hit, take a seven iron or eight iron and hit a soft little shot that’s driven by pivot thrust by rotation of the body. The body rotates, it helps transfer transport the arms and transports to the club. The key to distance is allowing this hinge to work properly and released at the right place. So let’s try it. We’re going to get a little shot. Really focusing on letting the club land left of the golf ball while the collects the ball and hit it up in the air. No, it wasn’t that great. I landed a little bit behind the lines, so that was. That wasn’t good for me. So that’s why even at a, at the level I play at, you still make mistakes. That’s why the, to be really, really precise, you have to do these kinds of drills. Let’s hit another one and I’m going to focus on having a little bit farther aiming point this time. So I see my hands between my feet, but I know where I’m driving them.

Okay? And that was a good one that I collected the ball. And then the sand. You can clearly see there’s no debit to the right of this line at that. There’s a big divot to the left. Now I promised you guys and Gals, if you can change your low points to be left to the golf ball. You’re going to play some great golf and you’re going to hit it farther than you ever thought you could. So good luck with these drills. Thank you David Orange for coming up here and being my Guinea pig. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.