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Quality Practice Sessions with the Tour Striker Training Club

We all have to put in the work to get better. Even PGA Coach Martin Chuck has to spend some time practicing to see results.

In this throwback video, Martin shows you how he practices with the Tour Striker 7 Iron. The 7 Iron is great! The intuitive design trains you to get your hands in front at impact to compress the ball like a pro.

It’s hard to believe we’ve sold over 150,000 Tour Strikers worldwide, but it really is a great, challenging tool. There’s nothing else like it!

So which model is the right choice for you?

Which Tour Striker Training Club is right for you?

Pitching Wedge

The PW is the fastest way for you to feel what it’s like to strike the sweet spot of a golf club. As a beginner or novice golfer, many of you try to help the ball into the air by “flipping” your hands at impact. So it may be counter-intuitive that you’d have to strike down for the ball to go up, but once you feel and see the results of a well struck shot, you’ll be hooked on practicing with this club.

The other great benefit of this club is that it is a great training tool for all levels of golfers who want to master their wedge game from inside 100 yards. Quick, flippy hands at the bottom of a swing are the bane of all golfers existence. Whether you’re a high caliber player or just learning, everyone’s scoring game shots can benefit from the Tour Striker Pitching Wedge.

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7 Iron

The 7 Iron is the next step up towards tour pro quality solid strikes. It takes a bit more skill and timing to master as it’s leading edge is just 3/10ths of an inch higher off the ground. You might say that’s nothing, but in the moment of impact and the minute degrees and angles that can affect distance and direction… trust us… it’s a big deal!

So what’s the secret you ask? We find that golfers will have success with the 7 Iron when they can combine the skills of getting the clubhead trailing behind the hands on the downswing coupled with a proper weight transfer into their lead leg. Its this secret move of properly loading into your front leg combined with good tempo and timing that will open your eyes and game to a whole new level of ball striking.

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Pro X 7 Iron

Have you ever seen those images of a tour pros golf club that has that nickel-sized, worn out spot right in the middle of the clubface? It’s pretty sweet looking isn’t it! That’s what the Pro X 7 is designed to help you achieve. It’s identical in makeup as the regular 7 Iron except the face is the size of a quarter.

There’s no room for error when you practice with this club, but for the high level player, perfectionist, single digit, low handicapper, this is the club for you. It takes diligent practice but the reward is the most solid ball striking for your game.

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