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Range Warm-Up with Your PlaneMate

The PlaneMate has taken the golf community by storm. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the support of coaches and players. One of the best parts of the PlaneMate is the 7-Day Protocol designed to help you massively improve your swing in just 7 days. However, a number of people have been asking us what to do after they’ve worked through the 7-Day Protocol…

We’ve been busy filming new videos where Martin Chuck and David Woods take you deeper into the swing to achieve even greater results with your PlaneMate. These new videos are planned for release in early December. BUT… unlike the 7-Day Protocol, they will only be available to people who own a PlaneMate or have already placed a pre-order. If you haven’t already ordered a PlaneMate, you can pre-order using the button below. You’ll be on the list and get instant access to the 7-Day Protocol and the new videos as soon as they launch in December.

If you have a PlaneMate, the video above is a great way to warm-up at the range before a round.

  • Start with a wedge. Hit 5 shots using the short green band. Then grab a different wedge and hit 5 shots without any band.
  • Now that you’ve woken up the rotation in your body, grab a 7 iron and the long green band. Hit 5 shots with the band, then grab your 6i or 8i and hit 5 more shots without the band.
  • Finally, grab your driver and the short green band again. Hit 5 drives with the band, then 5 drives without the band.

At this point, you’ve hit 30-45 balls. That’s a great warm-up before a round. Try to focus on feeling the same key check points in your swing without the band that you feel with the band. The alternation between band and no band will help you quickly imprint the feeling of a tour level swing right before your round so you can go out and play some great golf.

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