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Required Drill for an Effortless, Beautiful, Crisp Short Game

The great George Knudson had a drill that he required all his juniors to perfect. You place one end of a small piece of string under your belt on your lead hip and hold the other end against the grip of your club. The goal is to be able to make a semi-follow through without pulling out the string. No backswing. Just going from address to semi-follow through while maintaining your radius. It’s all about structural awareness.

This drill forces you to rotate to a finish and keep your hands passive and quiet.

We’ve upgraded the piece of string for a Tour Striker S.A.M.I. which gives you the same feedback but with the SAMI, it automatically rewinds, there’s no need to reset after each shot.

Try to maintain your structure and radius without pulling more string out of your SAMI. When you master this drill, you’ll have an effortless, beautiful, crisp short game.

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