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Shallowing Your Swing Plane For Powerful Strikes

Too many people, trying to hit a draw, tend to whip it inside and then come over the top. The Under/Over Drill will help you shallow your swing plane by letting the club orbit inside out with the correct understanding of your wrists and hands.

Using the Tour Striker Educator, you want to start with the Educator in it’s second, 45° position (the middle notch) and inline with your clubface. At address, the Educator arm should sit nicely between your arms. In your backswing your arms roll and your wrist hinges, allowing the Educator arm to pass smoothly to the outside of your lead forearm, shallowing the club in the downswing for a nice strike.


The first few times you do this, it’s going to be a little confusing. You are changing a habit that you spent years developing. It’s easiest to start by swinging the club chest high. Make sure you can do the Under/Over drill smoothly in the air before you try to strike a ball. Then, start with small pitch shots and work your way up.

It’s normal to displace the Educator a little bit on your finish. If you are displacing the Educator arm too much, you might be releasing the club too early. The Educator arm is designed to be able to move to give you the most feedback to help educate your hands and wrists.

The Tour Striker Educator is a Tour proven method to understand hand/wrist conditions needed to shallow the club for powerful inside-out strikes. Don’t try and swing inside out. Rather, get the club to orbit inside out with the correct understanding of your wrists and hands.

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