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Simple Drill to Deliver a Strong Clubface

The key move to hitting great shots is letting the clubface get stronger as you unwind. Leaving the clubface open or flipping your wrists can lead to unpredictability. A strong clubface in your downswing, means you don’t have to try to flip your wrists at the bottom to square the club.

The Tour Striker Educator is a great tool for educating your wrists to be in the right position early in your downswing for more consistent and great ball striking.

A golf swing is both circular and rotational… BUT to get a stronger clubface, you have to hinge your wrists in transition to begin your downswing.

To practice this drill, make sure you have some space around you, stand up tall, and work on swinging the club parallel to the ground (like a baseball bat). As you work the club around you, feeling the circular and rotational nature of the golf swing, start to hinge your wrists in transition to strengthen the clubface before you come back through the impact zone.

This drill is great with the Educator because you can see the Educator scissor from between your arms to the outside of your lead arm as you rotate back and forth. That’s how you know you are doing it right.

Start slow and build up your speed being mindful of that hinging motion in transition and delivering a strong face. When you get up to speed, bend that same motion over to a golf ball.

This simple drill is going to help you manage your wrists, deliver a strong clubface, and hit some great shots.

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