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Sneak Peek: Go from Slice to Draw in 5 Days

Stop flipping & slicing. Start shallowing & hitting draws.

We’re putting together a 5-Day Protocol with the Tour Striker Educator that will help you start hitting perfect baby draws in just 5 days.

Even some of the highest level players struggle to shallow the club and stall their rotation, causing a mild flip at impact as the club head overtakes the hands. If you’ve struggled with the slice, you know it always seems to creep back into your game. But it doesn’t have to.

The Tour Striker Educator was created to provide awareness and feedback to help you “educate” your hands. Good, educated hands inspire you to use your pivot and rotation to collect the ball creating a draw with a strong powerful strike.

The 5-Day Draw Protocol using the Educator walks you through building the structure and feels required to hit a draw in just 5 days. Today’s video is a sneak peak of Day 2. Watch for the full 5-Day Draw Protocol coming soon!

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