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Stretch & Strengthen to Build a Better Swing

Pro Fitness Band

The first wave of PlaneMates have all been shipped out and many have already received their order! A collaboration between Martin Chuck (owner of Tour Striker) and David Woods (owner of Driven Golf), the PlaneMate has been over two years in the making.

The PlaneMate uses resistance bands to help you build muscle memory, strength, and flexibility. One of the late additions while developing the PlaneMate was the Pro Full Swing and Fitness Band.

While most people won’t use the Pro Fitness Band for hitting balls on the range, it’s a great workout at home or in the gym. And if you don’t have a PlaneMate yet, the key positions demonstrated are still great to practice and the Step Through Drill is a great drill for practicing weight transfer.

The PlaneMate is the hottest new training aid on the market and the first wave of PlaneMates SOLD OUT. To be part of the next wave and make sure you get your PlaneMate, order now.

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