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Swing Small to HIT BIG


No, it’s kind of funny. The what the right arm does and what it doesn’t do in the golf swing, you know, if I just ask George what is, or show me what the right arm doesn’t swing, what’s your opinion of it? What does it do? It’s just the left arm does most of the work is just there to kind of guide a little bit and it should be fairly loose and relaxed. Okay. But what, what does it do? Like show me the motion. It would make a put your left hand in your pocket. Okay. That’s pretty good. You know what most people do, they do something like this.

Okay. Um, I would say the opposite about the left arm, right arm. I’d say the left arm does very little in the golf swing, you know, a nerd thing that just kind of hangs there. And the right arm is really kind of what support if I, if I over bend my right arm with my left elbow to keeping their left arm straight off the right arm knows what it’s doing. The left arm stays straight. The right arms always got a little bit of what my coach used to call extensor action. Just the ability for to always want to be straight. I never been my right arm. I would tell you that, you know, like years ago, so to say the moon is made of cheese. Right? And they believed that. I would tell you my right arm doesn’t bend. My right arm is straight. That’s what I would tell you.

Now I know in video that my right arm band okay, but my, the sensation in my golf swing is on my right arm is very, very straight. I look video to see that it’s actually bad. So that extension of the right arm, that feeling of link arms with it actually keeps the left arm kind of straight, but more toward a savannah. Just now we’re kind of looking at a couple of box main positions. Just kind of refining your swing as it started walking the pattern or short period of time, but the right arm, you know, if you were to say how much is this particular spot in my body moving, let’s just say, you know, if I could put a big red dot right there, if I took a piece of painter’s tape and not kind of third just to make it a bit more vivid. So this spot. So that’s this wedge and I hit this wedge. 120 . How much is this spot really moving to hit this shot

that far, you know, how much is it really moving? Is it going, you know, maybe eight, nine inches around to the right, maybe a little bit back up, down to a ball, back up around. It’s kind of a pretty small little motion. Okay. And part of the reason I’m kind of going into this, this discussion is, is, is to say that you know that to strike shots correctly and with enough energy to play good golf, golf have to be this big wild game. You know what I mean? Like in your case, Lance, we’re trying to take your swing and maybe take it from here and maybe move this green dot another couple of inches into maybe, and that’s going to give you this like a lot more speed once you start to engage from the ground up. But it’s funny how little a swing has to be like in your swing, George, your swing does a lot more work than it really needs to and that’s why your probably not as consistent as you’d like to be.

There’s tons of power in your golf swing. You saw that yesterday, as you know, with some of your new impact alignments, he constantly fluid over Greens. You make, you hit it over four or five Greens yesterday. Right? You know, so to, for you to say, okay, yeah, I’m satisfied hitting 960. It’s a long way to hit a nine iron at this altitude. Maybe it’s 1:45 in the bay area, but you know, it, uh, the golf swings, it’s not a huge motion to take this green dot, you know, literally not very far and back to a golf ball. And she’s saying, well yeah, it’s over simplifying it, it totally is. Or simplifying it. There’s a lot that goes into it, you know, good hands for them about good impact alignments, but just to kind of make you aware of some of the smallness of a good shot, you know, in the tiny things can be to hit things along way. So how far is my left? What’s my left shoulder doing in this motion? How far back?

Sure. On the distal end of that six inches though. So there’s not a whole lot of random going on with my back swing and have them getting there. It’s of organized and it’s kind of simple and that’s to me the best way to play. Now of course, if I took this screen shot put at the club head, you know, that’s the thing that she does the most travel and in my case it’s probably going to be about here and then to the golf ball. It’s not certainly trying to be John Daly-esk anyway. Right? So smaller organized strikes know, provide, you know, all the power we’re going to need, all the power we’re going to do. You know John, I say John Daly set the game back years because he came on, he hit it so far, played really well with this crazy long exaggerated. Of course kids went on, God I want to hit it like that. But if they would, you know, if it would have modeled guy named Dan Poll, who will, who maybe didn’t win as much, you hit it equally as long and posts when was this far and hit it. Every yard. John Daly hit it except he didn’t win two times in two majors and you know, he didn’t look as flashy as this goofy redneck blond guy. Right. But you know, it’s amazing how small the golf swing really is to hit it effectively. I know we can all move our shoulder this fast.

I know you can. I know you can. Okay. So I know that you hit, a lot of great shots yesterday. They integrated the pin. I know you can. I know you can. You can do the same thing, you can do that little motion at the same speed I do it. Okay. Maybe Savannah doesn’t quite have the arm strength yet to support that speed yet, but you know, next year, the year after you will, you’ll naturally just get stronger as you get older and you know, some physical stuff, you’ll get stronger anyway. But in your case, Georges is,, his back swing so, so, so, so long and the trade off is just more wild shots as opposed to Chris. Good strikes, you know. So anyway, sorry for my little rant. I just want to kind of go over that with Savannah figured it be good for you guys to hear it too.