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  • Hit Longer Drives with the Rope DrillHit Longer Drives with the Rope Drill We all want to hit longer drives. (Especially as we get older and start to lose distance.) My assistant, good friend, and great coach Big Jim Waldron made it to the Semi-Finals of the World Long Drive Competition in Las Vegas this week with a drive of 386 […]
  • A Star is Born with the SAMIYou don't always know or realize how much you are bending your elbows in your swing. When someone first clips on the SAMI and practices a few chip shot swings, the first reaction is them hearing how much the SAMI winds (the audible noise when the SAMI extends and retracts) on both the back swing […]
  • Pitch Shot Refinement using the SAMIOne of the first things I do at the golf school is clip on a SAMI (Structural Awareness Motion Instrument). The reason is because it's so easy to forget what the arms are doing that we end up compensating for a poor shot with our hands. When was the last time you thought about taking […]
  • Quality Practice Sessions with the Tour Striker Training ClubWe all have to put in the work to get better. I had some time before heading home so I put in some practice with the Tour Striker 7 Iron and recorded it for you. There's some great tips about what you're trying to do with your irons and even a couple mishits 😉 It's […]
  • Tour Level Ball ControlDo you remember when Tiger Woods sliced the ball around a corner and onto the green at the 2003 U.S. Open? Most of us are still working on being able to hit the ball straight… but there is a higher level, where you can control the ball and hit different flight patterns on demand. I'm […]