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The #1 Requirement for Distance and Consistency

Sweet Spots

The #1 Requirement for Distance and Consistency

Everyone wants more distance and consistency… Speed, compression, endless swing thoughts… but while you’re out there searching for that “swing secret,” you’re forgetting about the #1 Requirement for Distance and Consistency. The KEY that makes your speed and adjustments meaningful.

The Secret Key? … Centered Contact

What does centered contact do for you?

  • Increases Ball Speed … which means more Distance
  • Optimizes Spin Rate and Launch Angle … which means increased Distance & Consistency
  • Makes Launch Direction More Consistent … which improves Consistency
  • Reduces Gear Effect, Making Shot Curvature More Predictable … improving Consistency
  • Makes Shots Feel Nicer … Which Feels Good, especially as your ball sails past your buddy’s.

If you don’t have centered contact…

  • You exponentially lose distance the further away from the sweet spot you get.
  • You get extremely HIGH or LOW spin rates making distance vary wildly.
  • Your ball doesn’t start on a consistent line.
  • Gear Effect makes the curvature of your shots completely unpredictable.
  • It feels like you’re hitting rocks, interrupting your swing and throwing off your sequence and tempo.

Golf club manufacturers work tirelessly to create game improvement clubs with larger and larger sweet spots so your misses are still playable. Here’s an example of how much modern technology goes into a club.

Tour Edge Club Technology

Club technology has never been better, and I personally endorse many game improvement clubs… BUT if you’re using your game improvement clubs on the range, it could be hurting you.

A larger sweet spot makes it harder to know if you miss. A toe strike that pulls back to the middle gives you the wrong feedback. You might be working on all the wrong things because you’re trying to fix the wrong shots.

If the ball didn’t come off the center of the face… you need to fix your contact, not your ball flight.

Sweet Spots

If you know you hit the center of the face, you can focus on improving impact position, path, face, and speed.

This is the philosophy behind the Tour Striker 7 Iron.

After watching a student struggle mightily with inconsistent contact, to the point that he had destroyed his swing trying to compensate, I took an old 7 iron into the shop and ground off the bottom and sides, leaving only the sweet spot. After just a couple shots, the light bulb turned on and he knew what he had to do to make contact with the ball.

  • He instantly had a better impact position.
  • He was striking balls from the center of the face.
  • His swing was more fluid and natural.
  • He was able to make corrections to get the ball flight he wanted.

Tour Striker 7 Iron and Pro X 7 Iron

With the toe and heel gone, you have less gear effect, so your shot shape is more true to what you’re actually doing. With a raised leading edge, you can’t scoop. You have to be in a good impact position to hit the ball.

When you hit a ball with the Tour Striker 7 Iron, you know instantly whether you hit the center of the face.

If you don’t have a Tour Striker 7 Iron, you can always use impact tape, foot powder, or dry erase marker to know where you’re striking the ball on the club face, but you won’t necessarily see the feedback in your ball flight.

The Tour Striker 7 Iron is the same weight, loft, and lie as a normal 7 iron, so you can go from hitting your own 7 iron to hitting the Tour Striker 7 Iron and back again seamlessly and effortlessly. The improvements stay with you.

Get your Tour Striker 7 Iron or Pro X 7 Iron today and start improving your distance and consistency immediately.

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The Tour Striker 7 Iron is what started “Tour Striker” so while it’s not a “new” training aid, it is the Best Selling Golf Training Club in the World and is still as HOT as the day we launched it. Here are just a few of the literally hundreds of emails I’ve received from customers. I can’t wait to read yours.

“Martin: The tour striker is assisting me in understanding what my body has to do to achieve hitting down on the ball. I have been playing and practicing religiously since taking up the game at age 55 and now 71. Many lessons later and a series from one the top 100 teachers in the country named by golf digest produced little understanding of the golf swing. The simplicity in your training video was a factor in being able to utilize the tour striker in drastically improving my ball striking ability. I have watched the video every day since purchasing the club in September 2011 and impressed with your teaching ability. This purchase is the most significant piece of equipment in my golf bag that is my go to club to continue to reshape my ball striking ability. This club was recommended to me by a club member (a graduate of the Harmon School) who is better than scratch and uses it daily in his practice regimen. Sincerely,”
– Bill Zotto The Villages, Florida

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Tour Striker! I received the 7x iron about a week ago and have practiced with it 4 different times. I am a 2 handicap that played college golf 35 years ago. The feedback was immediate. You either hit it correctly or you don’t. After four short practice sessions, I finally understand the correct motion in the golf swing. My shoulder turn was too far inside. My hands were opening on the takeaway. My club face was open at address. I am now able to square the club at address. My hands move freely back and through the swing. My body rotation through the ball is now more vertical instead of under….eliminating my normal hand flip. My divots are consistently ahead of the ball and straight at the target. All of this instruction without a spoken word. I feel like a man with a new lease on life. Thank you…thank you…thank you.”
– MW

“Hi Martin, Just wanted to send you a note and a sincere thanks for making this fantastic training tool. My ball striking and confidence is improving with every practice session using my tour striker. For the first time in years, I now understand how to use my “tool”…….the golf club. I got it. The amazing thing about the tour striker, is that it makes you realize why a club has bounce, lie angle and loft angle, and not just what those terms mean, but actually how they apply to hitting down on the ball. I now know how to get the maximum effort out of each club and now strike the ball effortlessly, instead of the other way around. My overall swing speed jumped to 115 mph, because I am now striking down at the ball and not swinging through the ball. I know that might sound crazy, but I don’t swing anymore…….I strike the ball. You have to use the tool to understand. Things have changed so positively in the last 2 months, I had to have my irons adjusted, and now need a new driver because the tour striker has improved my ball striking mechanics. I am very pleased with the product, the video and quality customer service. To other golfers….you need this tool if you want to get better. Use it intuitively and teach yourself how to use your golf club. You will be amazed and surprised. Thanks Martin, Sincerely,”
– JB Philadelphia

“I recently purchased the Tour Striker, and initially had difficulty hitting it consistently; however, I soon realized that although I had not hit it as well as I had hoped, it soon became apparent that the practice session paid off. Just visualizing how I had to swing the Tour Striker to hit down and through the ball, allowed me to do it with my regular clubs. My first round after two range days using the Tour Striker off and on with all my clubs, I hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently and, six strokes better. Incredibly, my next range day, I actually hit the Tour Striker more consistently. I am 64 years old and started playing at 50. My last two rounds have been the most enjoyable in a long time. I am not trying to hit the ball far; consistent ball striking with good shoulder turn is my goal. I am certain that with continued work with the Tour Striker, my scores will lower and be more consistent. Thank you for a great product.”
– Drake Robles Fernley, NV

“Hey I had to tell someone might as well be you guys – Since I got the Tourstriker on line from one of the Golf Stores I have broken 80 on numerous occasions and lowered my Handicap from 11.6 to 8.4 in a matter of months. From video lessons, I knew my fatal flaw was cupping my wrists, actually increasing loft and I was always 5 yards short, so I say why not try this thing – right from the start it made my action so much better! Do you know how much more fun it is shooting 77 and 78s then mid 80s- tons more fun ( I belong to a traveling club, Happy Hookers Golf Club in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, just go on our site for verification) and you can see 3 out of the last 6 times I have been in the top 2 – THANK YOU TOUR STRIKER!!! Your product is the bomb!!”
– Johnny G!

“I can’t quantify the amount I have spent on “training aids” that have not really helped anything but THEIR pocket book. BUT, then I read a recommendation from J Graham and seen your ads and decided I would try one last time. I have hit over 400 balls now. I used to play consistently in the 90s and 100s. Since using the Tour Striker I am find my scores in the 80s and can see my goal of making it into the 70s truly reachable. REASON: I am averaging 15 yds longer on all my irons and woods, my long irons are much more consistent and easier to hit and my short game (100 yds and in) is now coming in softer with more accuracy. This is truly the first time I have felt I received my monies worth. And friends I play with are noticing, asking questions and one has already bought one and he has played for 20 plus yrs. Thank you so much for a real training aid. Money well spent!”
– Rick Palmer – Amarillo, TX

“I am emailing you for the reason of telling you my results after only having the Tour Striker for 1 month. My plans on using the Tour Striker were simple. I was going to the driving range with only the Tour Striker for the first two weeks. This period also included playing no golf. I used the Tour Striker during this period for about 500 balls. Then I decided to use the Tout Striker and just and 8 iron. (I bought the 8 iron Tour Striker.) I used it this way for about 250 balls. I would hit the Tour Striker for two balls and then the 8 iron for two balls. Only played two rounds of golf during this period. Sunday April 10 I hit the Tour Striker to warm up (about 25-30 balls) and then decided it was time to take my game to the course for the test run. Do I have your interest? Let me begin by telling you I am a 13.8 handicap. I have checked my past years scores and in the month of April thru Jun my scores were consistently 84-88. First of all the first thing I noticed was I was hitting the ball 10-15 yards longer than EVER before. So I actually teed off the first hole which is 388 Yard par 4 with a 3 wood. I was left with 145 yards from the middle of the fairway. Did I tell you I am 55 years of age. Ok final results front nine even par 36 and the back 9 was 41 (got really windy 20-30 knots). For a net 77. I never broke 80 at this course in the 12 years I have been playing this course. There is no way you are ever going to get this club away from me. Best money I have ever spent. Thanks.”
– Jean W. Poulin – Delphi, IN

Tour Striker 7 Iron and Pro X 7 Iron

Get your Tour Striker 7 Iron or Pro X 7 Iron today and start improving your distance and consistency immediately.

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