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The 1 Training Aid that Every Golfer Should Have

Featured Coach – Michael Newton

The Smart Ball is a simple training aid that Coach Michael Newton uses with his golf students. In this video, he explains how the Smart Ball trains your arms to stay together. As a result you’ll hit key movements that many golfers fail to incorporate throughout their swing.

You will benefit from practicing with the Smart Ball, especially if you tend to:

  • Hitting the ball heavy (hitting the golf ball before ground contact)
  • Scooping the golf ball at impact
  • Hitting the ball too high on it’s ball flight
  • Lacking penetration of ball flight through the air

If you want to:

  • Stay connected,
  • Compress the golf ball,
  • And, turn better through your swing.

The Smart Ball is a training aid that every golfer should have.  Golf from any sort of standard, whether you’re just getting started in your golf journey or are a seasoned Tour Pro, will improve using the Smart Ball.

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