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The Best Golfers in the World Use This

Featured Creator of the Week – Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson, a golf Youtuber and content creator, had a chance to try out the PlaneMate at last year’s PGA Show. Mike was able to put on the PlaneMate and experience why some of the best golfers in the world use this training aid .

This year, Mike got a PlaneMate for himself. In his unboxing video, Mike takes us through what comes with the PlaneMate and how he uses it to shallow out the golf club and increase rotation in his golf swing.

The PlaneMate consists of a belt, club connector, and 3 resistance bands. The club connector attaches the resistance band to the club and to the belt. By working against the resistance bands, you experience the feeling of a tour level swing. The PlaneMate also comes with a 7 Day Protocol that breaks down how to practice with the PlaneMate so you can make lasting changes to your swing.

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