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The Golfing Machine Demystified

So lets talk about the three golf swings are really make up the total motion of the golf machine. This little motion right here, this is kind of an armsy swing and it’s driven by pivot and pivot. Again, there’s just this little motion that we utilize with the legs to help get our hips to open, just a bit. It’s a straightening of the left leg and that straightening of the left leg helps us take our arms which Homer Kelly referred to as the power package and deliver those arms and you can see I’m using a tire here and what I’m doing with this tire. It’s just an impact to help me solidify the feel of my flat left wrist. My leg pressure point. Of course I’ve got my dowel on the ground for my straight plane line, but it’s just a little feeling to get to both arms straight and this little motion.

Again, you’re going to use this little motion when you’re hitting chip shots. Pitch shots around the green, both arms straight, crisp. Little shots, very little pivot. The next segment of a Golf machine swing is what they called acquired motion. That’s when we’re actually acquiring some hand action or taking the club face from being aiming at the target to rotating to where it’s on plane and plane is just simply a description of right now I’m, if I had a table top right here, this is a hor.. as the tabletop would be on a horizontal plane. well in Golf, we play on an inclined plane. That horizontal plane is tipped over. That’s where we take the Hula Hoop and laid on an inclined plane that are swaying, goes in a circular motion on that inclined plane. So we have acquired motion basically where the right forearm gets parallel to the ground on both sides. That’s how you’re going to hit your longer pitch shots, and what you’re going to realize when you do that is that at some point here, you’re going to have to let this right elbow bend. When this right elbow bends, these grooves go from facing to the target. They go and they rotate 90 degrees, so you’re going to add a little bit of speed in order to hit pitch shots. It looks a little something like this.

Okay, so there’s a motion for a pitch shot or all the in between shots that you’ll hit during a round of golf that aren’t necessarily full or what Homer Kelly calls total motion and total motion is basically a full swing, just like George Knutson. It’s not maximum power, maximum energy, but it is what we call total motion. That’s where we’re loading unloading into balance and there’s a total motion. So once again, it’s not very scary to talk about the golfing machine components in a simplified terms such as then you know, there’s basic motion chipping, short little shots around the green. There’s acquired motion pitch shots, little punch shots, and then total motion. Basically your full full golf shots.