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The Lead Arm Only Drill

The Lead Arm Only Drill

Are you standing up through impact causing your swing to lose power, consistency, and distance?

The closer to straight the lead arm and club get at impact (180°), the more difficult it is to control the clubface. The relationship between club and arm, that angle, not only stabilizes the face but increases power with a much greater input to output ratio.

The Lead Arm Only Drill

Thumbing down, early extension, standing up, all result in a natural tendency to try to help guide the club and ball. A great drill to correct this is “The Lead Arm Only Drill.”

Use your trail arm for support and to maintain the connection between your arms. Focus on maintaining as much angle as possible between the club and your arm, forcing yourself to stay in your side bend and rotate through impact.

If you need help maintaining that angle, strap on the Tour Striker Impact Strap.

The Impact Strap is a proactive training aid that doesn’t allow you to thumb down and stand up during impact. When you put the Impact Strap on you’ll intuitively learn how to get your body in the correct position so you can strike a golf ball.

It’s really going help you get the lead arm and body working in the right relationship for you to get the clubface on the ball to be a more predictable, powerful striker.

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