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The Start of Golf Season!

Come to a Golf School. Call Martin for details! 541-948-2480

Fall is the START of Golf Season in Phoenix. In fact, right now, golf courses all across Arizona are overseeding with winter grass in preparation for a great season. The weather in Phoenix averages a beautiful high in the mid 70’s, perfect for golf.

The Tour Striker Golf Academy has it’s opening Golf School October 25-27.

If you’ve ever thought about getting some help with your game, there’s no better way than to attend a Golf School. In a 3-Day Golf School, Martin and the TSGA coaches can cover your entire game and give you an action plan to massively improve and sharpen your skills around the course.

In a one hour lesson, you barely get to know your coach, let alone hit balls and progress through a couple different drills…

At a golf school, you have time to get to know your coaches and more importantly, your coaches get to know you. Not everyone learns the same way. Two people with the same issue may require different drills to solve the problem. With a student to coach ratio of 3:1, Martin and the other coaches always have time to work with you individually. Then, because you have 3 days together, you can take the time to groove in a new move (under the watchful eye of a professional coach), go sleep on it, and come back tomorrow. There’s nothing better than that “Aha” moment where the stars align and suddenly everything you’ve been working on makes sense. More often than not, those moments come after a good night’s sleep!

Come to a Golf School. You’re gonna love it! Call Martin for details: 541-948-2480