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Top Training Aids to Help You Improve

Give yourself the best Christmas present ever this year.
Golf is more fun when it’s easy. There’s nothing better than a perfectly struck ball with an effortless swing that doesn’t even feel like you hit the ball. For most of us, those balls are few and far between… but they don’t have to be.
This Christmas season, give yourself the best present of all… beautiful form and a consistently well struck ball.
Training aids and instruction don’t guarantee a better game, but they do help you improve your form, giving you a better chance at a well struck ball. We don’t control the actual contact with the ball, but if you are in a better position… If you made a good move to get there… You have a much better chance that the ball goes where you want it to. That’s what Tour Striker is all about. Helping you increase your knowledge of the game and improve your form, making it far more likely that you find that perfectly struck ball and increasing your consistency so that golf is fun.
Here are our top training aids to help you improve.Tour Striker Smart BallSmart Ball – One of the hottest training aids in golf, especially on tour. For the better player who is looking to clean up a few things and increase the feeling of connection, allowing you to focus on using your pivot and rotation to collect the ball.

PlaneMate – Currently Sold Out… but hands down the best all around training aid to help feel and develop a tour level swing. Order now to get your PlaneMate in early January. (Follow us on instagram and you might be lucky enough to win a signed one for Christmas! Click here to see the post on instagram.)

Tour Striker Impact Strap

Impact Strap – Perfect for the early extender who always seems to lift up out of the shot and for the golfer who gets stuck too far inside. The Impact Strap will force you to stay in your side bend all the way through to your finish.Tour Striker EducatorEducator – For the army golfer who can put it anywhere but in the fairway. Great strikes start with educated hands. If you don’t know what your hands are doing, you could be hitting slices, hooks, pull-hooks, anything. Educate your hands, shallow the club, and strike solid shots.

Tour Striker Smart BagSmart Bag – No more off-center strikes. The Smart Bag’s Plane Pillow helps you get on plane and hit perfectly centered strikes every time. Made with a foam core and PU outer shell, the Smart Bag is durable but it won’t hurt your clubs (or you) when you hit it. It’s perfect for grooving in your path.

Strike It Solid!