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Tour Level Ball Control

Do you remember when Tiger Woods sliced the ball around a corner and onto the green at the 2003 U.S. Open?

Most of us are still working on being able to hit the ball straight… but there is a higher level, where you can control the ball and hit different flight patterns on demand.

I'm not suggesting you go practice slices and hooks, but it takes understanding and control to fix your flight path.

To control the ball, you have to be able to read your ball flight, knowing what it means, so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Tour Striker Swing Diagnosis Diagram

We put together this guide so you can match your ball flight to understand what you need to work on, whether it's path, or face, or both. »Click Here« to download the PDF version for printing.

Even tour players need practice and help to perfect their ball control. One of my favorite tools for this is the Smart Bag. It's an impact bag and a plane board in one.

What's great is it combines so many useful drills with exactly the feedback you need to make corrections all by yourself.

It can be used to fix your swing path, your club face, your body position, and even your low point control for every club in your bag… all in one simple training aid. The Smart Bag.

Tour Striker Smart Bag Diagram


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