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Training Your Opposite Side Protocol

Martin Chuck isn’t a lefty, but he’s still celebrating National Left Handers Day!

Taking the time to understand your motions and routine on your opposite side will only benefit your natural side. As you practice with your opposite side, you’ll bring balance to your body and form a deeper understanding of your swing.

This skill is so beneficial, we created a Left-Handed Protocol Series to get you started on your opposite side and improve your game.

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Left-Handed Protocol Series

Protocol Day 1

Train your trail hand by using your opposite hand to swing through the ball.

30 x Transporting Trail Wrist with Opposite Hand

Protocol Day 2

Train the opposite side of your body to extend and rotate through the shot.

30 x Drag and Raise

Protocol Day 3

Build rhythm and momentum on your opposite side.

30 x Handle First, Club Head Last