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Use your Educator to Sink More Putts

Putting with the Tour Striker Educator

The Tour Striker Educator is an extremely versatile training aid. It creates an improved awareness of the clubface up by your hands and arms. Being able to see and feel the relationship between what your hands are doing and your clubface helps “Educate” your hands.

A number of training aids on the market have a similar goal, however, the Educator is the most versatile. Because it connects at a single point, through the bottom of your grip and into the shaft of the club, you can do more with the Educator.  The Over Under Drill to practice the circular and rotational aspects of a great swing. You can use it for chipping, pitching, and even improving your bunker shots. You can even use it to improve your putting stroke (as seen in the video above.)

All in all, the Tour Striker Educator is one of the best tools to practice your Tour Style Wrist Conditions.

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Note: Many people start with the Tour Striker Educator and get lots of feedback about their wrists but don’t know exactly what to do next. Start with a couple of the drills above with smaller shots at about 1/2 speed. As you get more comfortable with the drill begin to increase your speed and shot length. It’s a lot easier to control you hands and body at slower speeds vs a full swing where nature tends to take over.