Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver
Teeless Driver

Teeless Driver

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Right or Left Hand?
Shaft Flex (Avg. Swing Speed)
13° Loft (Optimized for Distance)

Amazing New Club is as LONG as Your Driver and EASIER Than Your 3-Wood…Guaranteed

Effortlessly launch soaring, monster shots from the tee, fairway, rough, divots…even the sand with the Teeless Driver.

Teeless Driver club head

The Teeless gives you:

→ Faster ball velocity off the ENTIRE clubface

Compared to conventional drivers, it can be a difference of 10 yards or less when you miss the sweet spot by just a half an inch toward the toe or heel.   By making the entire face hotter, you’ll lose almost no distance on balls struck off center!

→ Teeless' revolutionary weighting makes it SO easy to hit the ball up in the air and out of nearly ANY lie! 

By moving the weight low and way back in the clubhead, you’ll find it easy to hit higher from tee, the turf, the sand, even out of a divot.

→ Bonus clubhead speed and accuracy from the premium custom shaft

Being the length of a 3-wood shaft, you’ll hit it solid a lot more often giving you more confidence and lowering your scores.

→ Incredible feel with the tour-proven grip

The grip is the connection between you and the golf club and RXS Design cut no corners here using a great feeling, premium quality grip on every Teeless Driver.

→ Confidence knowing you just cannot chunk it

The sole is designed to allow the Teeless to glide through the toughest grass, rough, sand, even divots so you virtually eliminate any possibility of sticking the club in the ground or hitting it fat.

Teeless Driver Clubhead

No-Risk Guarantee

Try the Teeless driver risk free for 30 days!

Play it as much as you want at the range or the golf course. And there's no need to tape the face – just hit it off the tee, turf, rough, sand…even out of divots.

We guarantee you will launch the ball higher, carry it farther, and find more fairways and greens – from ANY type of lie – compared to your current driver or 3-wood.

In short, you will fall head-over-heels in love with this club.

If not, we’ll send you a refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

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