How to Create and Sync the Correct Body Motions


Ever look down the practice range and find yourself judging people's swings?

Ever wonder what golfers are thinking about your game based on YOUR swing?

Don't feel bad or self-conscious —  we ALL do this.

And, yes, we can tell, with some level of accuracy, who is a decent golfer...

And who isn't. 

That's because, in most cases...

Golfers who have "pretty" swings — those with the right sequence and timing to properly "mesh" their body motions...

Usually hit the ball a LOT better, too!

The challenge for me as a coach is...

It's hard to verbally teach someone about sequence and timing.

You need to FEEL it.

And that's one reason I invented the Tour Striker Impact Sling.

The Impact Sling is an improvement on the famous, "rope swing drill."

Coaches across the world love this drill because your body instinctively knows how to swing a rope for maximum speed and power.

Well, I added a golf grip handle to my "rope"...

And I added some heft and elasticity...

So now you get all the original benefits of the rope swing a lot more you can learn about here.

I like to say it's like, "sandpaper for your swing." 

Simply swing it for five minutes and you'll start to smooth out the rough spots in your sequence and timing.

Then, switch to a golf club, blend those "feels," and immediately start hitting the ball better. 

I know that's a big claim, but you can try the Impact Sling risk free...and with free USA Shipping.

Here's to you having a beautiful swing AND beautiful results!