How to Build a Tour Striker Golf Swing

How to Build a Better Backswing
In some ways, golf is like archery: If you pull back on the bow the wrong way... There's very little chance the arrow will fly where you want it to go.  Golf is similar, which is why it pains me...
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Hit Better Pitch Shots by Hitting a Target
Be honest: When faced with a short pitch shot... Do you carefully consider and lock-in on where you want your ball to land... Taking into account the club you're using... How steep or flat the trajectory will be... The speed of the...
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Why Tour Pros Use Training Grips
  During the BMW Championship, many eagle-eyed members of Tour Striker Nation noticed how several tour players were using training aids on the range... Including Matthew Fitzpatrick and Rory McIlroy who were using the Smart Ball. Matthew Fitzpatrick was also...
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