How to Stop "Standing Up" in Your Swing (aka, Early Extension)

Have you ever heard of "early extension?"

It's probably just as common as "early release," but these two things are very different. 

Whereas "early release" refers to the early uncocking of your wrists (which robs you of power)...

"Early extension" or "standing up" refers to the premature extension of your lower body, which crowds the handle of the golf club.

In other words, you are literally getting in your own way.

Sure, you can still make contact with the ball, but...

You wind up hitting some pretty bizarre shots. 

I struggle with this sometimes, too, but the fix is pretty simple:

Grab a resistance band (I'm using one that comes with the Tour Striker Impact Sling)...

And watch the above video.

The key to all this is how your rotate.

Instead of pushing "up" as you rotate through the ball...

Focus on pushing your lead glute "back" behind you.

This type of rotation creates space for the club to come through the right way.

I'll show you what I mean in the video. Give it a look, then give it a try and let me know if it helps.