How to Build a Tour Striker Golf Swing

When "Hitting a Draw" Can Have Drawbacks
  If you've been playing golf for any length of time... You've probably been conditioned to think "hitting a draw" is the default shot shape you should be trying to achieve.   After all, it's "the gold standard" shot shape ALL...
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Watch a Little Tennis to Improve Your Golf
  Did you watch any of the US Open tennis matches that wrapped up earlier this week?   I did, and it served (sorry!) as an excellent reminder of the many things great golf and great tennis share. This includes the waggle... Wrist pronation and...
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How to Hit "Crispy" Irons that Go Fast and Far
  If you want to make crisp, powerful contact with your irons so they launch faster and travel farther... Try to keep your squatchee 🧢 relatively still... (I'll explain) Try to eliminate the "booty bumpin" 🍑 I often see... And most importantly...Stop...
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